Combat dryness and infections with one of our patented topical formulations.

We provide patients with quality-of-life products designed to combat dryness and infections; whether it be dry mouth, nasal dryness, or feminine dryness. Parnell Pharmaceuticals is the only pharmaceutical company that utilizes Yerba Santa in all of its patented products. Yerba Santa helps provide enhanced moisturization and lubricity, in a manner similar to Aloe Vera. Yerba Santa restores topical moisture to the mucosa and skin and safely delivers natural lubrication.

We are introducing our NEW Antiseptic Topical products based upon MycoDelens, a unique patented compound developed at, and licensed from, New  Mexico Tech University. The various ingredients have been used safely for many years in various cosmetic products in the USA and EU countries.

When added to our existing products, our new products have been shown to be effective with in vitro tests against many Antimicrobial Drug-Resistant (AMR) bacteria, fungi, as well as the COVID-19 virus. They are Pretz-MD, Mouth Kote-MD, and DermSol-MD. They are registered as Class 1 Medical Devices in the USA and EU countries.

* No animal testing was conducted in the development of any Parnell products.

** Pretz, Mouth Kote, DermSol, Feminease, and MycoDelens are registered trademarks of Parnell Pharmaceuticals, Inc.


Mouth Kote Dry Mouth Relief