If your pharmacy does not carry the product you are looking for, the pharmacist can quickly obtain it from their wholesaler if you ask (give them the numbers below). You can order via phone, fax, or online at www.parnellpharm.com.

Phone: 800-45-PHARM (800-457-4276) 

or 415-256-1800

Fax: 415-256-8099

Available online at:

Mouth Kote at Amazon | Pretz Spray at Amazon


Mouth Kote at Walgreens | Pretz Spray at Walgreens

Not all pharmacies stock Parnell products, but almost every pharmacy can order our products within a couple of days. Any pharmacy can order Parnell products if they don't have them in stock. To assist your pharmacist in obtaining our products, download our PDF of pharmacy order codes below.